A Thirst for Tea 02, 2019
The thirst for Chinese tea, silk and porcelain created a trade imbalance between the British and Chinese and was the spark that eventually led to the Opium War. With the illicit trafficking of opium into China, this 'trade war' was eventually won by the British with severe consequences to the Chinese - committing them to free trade, including opium and the ceding of Hong Kong. Whilst opening of the Chinese market further enriched and expanded the British Empire, the dynasty of China was devastated and eventually collapsed - the trade war in tea changed the history of Britain and China in very different ways. The drawing reflects this neglected and hidden part of British history.
Hidden Subtexts 1842
A Thirst for Tea
Things You Missed in History Lesson
Subtractive Drawing
Marks and Traces
The Divine Gold
The Good Old Days: Ginger Nuts
The Lily of My Lily


Kit Yan Chong
A Thirst for Tea 01, 2019
Graphite on paper 8
64cmW x 90cmH


A Thirst for Tea 03, 2019