The Hidden Boundary
The Grids And The Lines
Behind The Grids And The Lines
The System Of Grids And Lines
Traditional Or Simplified
The Order In Chaos
Altered Landscape
Hidden Subtexts 1842
A Thirst for Tea
Things You Missed in History Lesson
Subtractive Drawing
Marks and Traces


Kit Yan Chong

New series of work created for a group show 'Absent Authors' of eight contemporary artists united by the idea that every artwork contains the trace of the absent author, curated by Robert Fitzmaurice (artist and curator).

A myopic view of Hong Kong and China would be improvident and deepen the hidden boundaries between them. The complex history of Hong Kong and its relationship with China requires us to look beyond the surface to understand the conflicts in identity.

Using a process of mark making and erasing images in my drawing practice, I leave behind traces of presence in the work; an index that raises the question of identity and its hidden boundaries.



Behind The Grids And The Lines, 2021
Graphite on paper, bulldog clips and polar wood frame
64cmW x 90cmH